Pumpkin Pancakes

So busy so busy so busy. My head is constantly spinning these days! This weekend I'm going to need to take a day to sleep in, relax, and whip up another delicious batch of these amazing pancakes. I made these while I was at home also- if you couldn't tell, I basically just went home and spent all of Thanksgiving break in the kitchen!I'm pretty sure the main reason my family misses me now that I'm gone again is because they don't have a constant stash of fresh-baked treats on hand. They'll just have to wait until Christmas... 

In the meantime, I'll have to make these pancakes for my friends and me. They are light,fluffy and super easy to prepare. Now that it's December it may be a little past pumpkin season, but if you have some leftover like I do, you should definitely head on over to Vanessa's blog for the recipe and try them for yourself! 


  1. Anonymous3.12.11

    Gorgeous pumpkin pancakes!

  2. Gorgeous indeed! It just snowed four inches last night and the colors in these photos are a feast for the eyes compared to the white/gray outside right now.

  3. Thank you both! That's a lot of snow in one night...

  4. I am still eating the left-over pancakes in the fridge. I put one in my fruit smoothie---EXCELLENT PUMPKIN SPICY FLAVOR---and I put one in my black-eyed pea hummus with olive oil and salt and pepper (can't eat garlic).
    OK, so that one didn't work out quite right. As Samuel Beckett said, FAIL, FAIL AGAIN, FAIL BETTER.

  5. Hey Ruby! Just found your blog, and I love everything you're whipping up! It looks delicious. I'm in my last year of college, but I don't even have a kitchen here - so I guess I'll just live vicariously through you! In just a few weeks I'll be flying back from New England to California so I'll actually have a kitchen then - and I'll whip up some of these recipes for sure =) I love vegan fare!


  6. Thanks for stopping by, Natalie! I'm not sure if I could live without a kitchen... I hope your college provides good food! I'm also jealous that you're from California- that's where I hope to live after I finish school :)

  7. They look Great! I made PPKs recipe for vegan pancakes and my daughter liked them way better than regular pancakes. ;)
    Now to add some pumpkin...PERFECT! TY!

  8. So glad you liked them! =)

  9. I think everything is always better when it's vegan, but of course I am biased :)

  10. Anonymous5.12.11

    Love your new site, Ruby!! :) Look at the size of that pumpkin!!!

  11. Thanks Jesica! And yeah, it's like a Charlie Brown pumpkin!

  12. Anonymous29.2.12

    Everything is 100% Vegan.... besides the honey in your pic?

    1. My whole family doesn't eat vegan, so I apologize if little non-vegan things sneak into the background of process pictures! No honey was used in making these pancakes :)