I'm Still Alive!

Goodbye Ohio!
photo by Elaine Sylvester

Hello again!

I promise I have not abandoned ship here. I literally was studying 24/7 until Friday night and had no space in my brain for anything besides papers, chemistry and memorizing dance history facts. I think I forgot what it was like to breathe. 

But guess what. I'm DONE. And I'm pretty sure everything went successfully!

Now, with a huge exhale, I am finally relaxing a bit, packing up my stuff and preparing to move in with my friend for a week while I stay on campus for graduation. I have a lot of friends who are seniors, plus I'll be working my waitressing job, so I'm really excited that I'm here for commencement week this year!

Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I'll have a lot of opportunities to bake or cook anything special and if I do, photograph what I make. This may change, but just to be safe I'm warning you all that I may have to take a mini-hiatus until I'm officially on summer break. 

So, I will see you all in about a week with new delicious summery recipes, coming to you from my home kitchen. No more tiny college kitchen for a year! Crazy!


  1. Congratulations on finishing! Can't wait to see the summer recipes from home!

  2. Way to go!! Hope you enjoy your time back home. I just made cupcakes inspired by your blackberry cupcakes... They are cooling on the rack now and I am going to top them with strawberries and whipped coconut cream. If they come out great I am going to post them and give you the much deserved credit. Thanks for all your beautiful posts and congrats :-)

    1. Thank you so much Noelle! Mmm I hope your cupcakes turned out- they sound delicious with the strawberries on top!

  3. BRAVA RUBY!!!!!! Congratulations on getting through all that work, etc.......... And I love the photo of you!