An Abundance of Plums

God, it feels good to be back at school. Classes don't start for another week, but it's nice to be on campus early when everything is quiet and the weather is still all summery and beautiful. However, the quiet part will definitely change when the freshman start arriving tomorrow.

I've checked out the kitchen in my new dorm and it's so much nicer than my old one. I can't wait to start cooking in it! But for now, here's something I made a couple weeks ago...

I kind of went on a plum kick for a bit. You already know about this little treat, but what you don't know about are the amazing plum and blueberry rolls I made for my aunt's birthday. Okay I suppose I have also been on a breakfast rolls kick... but they're just the perfect thing to wake up to in the morning.

These rolls might be one of my favorite things I've ever made. They were also the most labor-intensive, but it was totally worth it. You make a vegan dulche-de-leche spread first so that you can use it in the dough, which is a genius idea. It adds a subtle carmel flavor to the buns, but then you can pile on even more of the spread later to make them extra yummy.

I also got this recipe from seitan is my motor, who apparently shares my love of plum-filled desserts. My aunt absolutely loved these- I think they trumped the non-vegan cupcake she had afterwards! The filling is such a perfect combination of flavors, especially with the rosemary (I know it sounds strange, but trust me) and lemon zest. In fact, just imagine that plum and blueberry sauce poured over some soy ice cream... mmm. I might have to make another batch all by itself.

These are definitely something to wake up for!


  1. These were the best Plum Buns I have ever tasted! So glad your kitchen is going to work this year!

  2. They do look fabulous. I just wish the recipe wasn't so labour- intensive. Probably worth it though...
    I love these buns http://peasandthankyou.com/2010/04/05/v-i-peas/

  3. I would definitely recommend trying them when you have a special occasion, and some extra time on your hands!

  4. Thank you for trying these! They are one of my favourite recipes. Your pictures are so gorgeous.